Ready to Get Cooking?

Ready to Get Cooking?

Schedule outdoor pizza oven installation in Troy & Latham, NY

Are you interested in a better way to make delicious pizza at your home? Mike Darling Construction, LLC offers outdoor pizza oven installation in the Troy, NY area.

We build custom gas and wood-fired outdoor ovens to meet your needs for style and size. You can design something that fits in with the surroundings or get a brick fireplace installation that becomes the focal point of your outdoor living area.

Call 518-330-2248 today to learn more about a brick fireplace installation for your patio or outdoor area in Troy, NY.

Design an oven that meets your needs

There are numerous factors to consider when you're getting ready for outdoor pizza oven installation at your home. You should consider:

  • The space available in your outdoor area
  • The amount of food you plan to cook
  • The materials you'd like used in construction

You don't need a large fireplace if you're only cooking for two. A larger oven will allow you to entertain more guests. Start the design process for your outdoor pizza oven installation in Troy, NY by contacting Mike Darling Construction today.